GunSonics is the finest noise-cancelling ear protection available today. Period.
With GunSonics! you can fire your gun and hear conversations and range commands over gunshots in total comfort and safety.


GunSonics! amplifies ambient sounds such as speech, while removing damaging gunfire noise. You can hold a normal conversation less than two feet away from someone firing a rifle or revolver with no audio cut out or stutter.


Do what you do best and shoot. Tests show that GunSonics! outperforms and protects your hearing better than any electronic ear defender. It costs a lot less too.


Use your iPhone to transform low cost passives into better than the best electronic ear defenders

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One gunshot can cause permanent deafness. Protect your hearing.

According to manufacturer specifications top of the range electronic ear protectors for shooting take between 1.5ms to 6ms for their electronics to block the sound of the gunshot.

However most gunshot blasts peak within 1ms so even with the fastest electronic earmuffs, shooters may be exposed to harmful noise through the speakers inside the electronic earmuffs.


Recordings taken from an iPhone 5 headphone output running GunSonics! show that only safe levels of sound reach your earphones.

GunSonics for rifles, pistols, revolvers, shotguns and black powder

6 presets for ease of use

GunSonics! comes with six presets customized for the specific sound signature of each type of gun. The GunSonics app is suitable for all firearms including;

  • Shotguns
  • Rifles
  • Pistols
  • Revolvers
  • Black Powder
  • Semi Automatics

Plus, you can choose between single shot or automatic weapons.

GunSonics! Support FAQ

Designed for gun users, the Gunsonics! app works with any earphones designed for iOS, worn beneath passive ear protectors. Gun users can listen, talk and shoot with safety.

GunSonics! uses patent applied for technology, to enhance quiet sounds like an instructors voice or animal movements, while reducing the sound of a gunshot to a small harmless pop…

GunSonics! Usage

  • Suitable for all gun types, rifles, shotguns, pistols, semi and full auto firearms using any calibre from .22 upwards on indoor and outdoor ranges.
  • Ideal for shooters, instructors, students, spectators, gun clubs, group shooting and sporting events.
  • No more feeling isolated or not knowing when it's safe to remove ear protectors.
  • No more waiting for others to finish shooting before taking instruction.
GuSonics! the ear defender app

How to use GunSonics!

  1. 1. Plug your earphones with built in mic into your iPhone or iPod Touch. Note: ‘made for Android’ earphones are not compatible
  2. 2. Put on passive ear protectors over the top
  3. 3. Select GunSonics app on your iPhone or iPod Touch
  4. 4. Make sure headset microphone and lead are positioned comfortably and out of the way
  5. 5. Choose gun type on the GunSonics! selector and Auto or Single-Shot
  6. 6. Adjust the volume so you can hear conversation naturally
  7. 7. Lock your screen and put your iPhone or iPod Touch in a safe pocket
  8. We recommend you put your device in Airplane mode to avoid distractions while shooting.
How to use GunSonics! app


GunSonics! is not a replacement for ear protectors/defenders/muffs! You must always use ear protectors over your earphones when using GunSonics!

Ear-protectors with a high NRR/SNR are highly recommended for shooting.

Many folding models and many electronic ear-defenders offer dangerously low levels of passive protection against rifles and large caliber weapons.

Frequently Asked Questions

Although GunSonics should work with any earphones with an in-line mic designed for iOS, GunSonics has only been tested with Apple supplied iPhone earphones/pods. Never use earphones designed for Android devices with GunSonics, they are wired differently and may cause feedback or other unpredictable results.


  1. 1. Can I use in-ear headphones like Etymotic hf3 instead of wearing ear protectors?
  2. GunSonics! must always be used with over ear type protectors, as that guarantees hearing protection whether in-ear headphones are inserted correctly or not. Using Etymotics or similar underneath ear protectors, will increase the level of passive protection.

  4. 2. What happens if I choose the wrong gun preset?
  5. GunSonics! will work even if you choose the wrong preset however choosing the wrong preset may affect low volume sounds like speech.

  7. 3. What is auto-fire?
  8. Auto-fire mode should be selected for automatic or semi-automatic weapons or when groups of people are firing at the same time.

  10. 4. What is Spectator mode?
  11. Spectator mode is suitable for anybody visiting a shooting range, watching a competition and gun instructors.

  13. 5. Will Gunsonics! affect my iPhone battery life?
  14. No. Gunsonics has a minimal effect on iPhone battery life, about the same as any other app.

  16. 6. What about Android?
  17. Gunsonics! Android is currently in development.

  19. 7. Does GunSonics work with an iPod Touch?
  20. Yes, GunSonics works with all iOS 7 devices.

GunSonics is designed for all firearms

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